Proper Way To Floss Your Teeth


Home dental care is one of the important personal routines that have to be adhered to at all times. In fact, the care is as crucial as visiting a dentist three times a year for a dental check-up. For good oral hygiene, brushing and flossing are some of the standard practices that have to be done on a daily basis. Dental experts advise that proper brushing and flossing does fantastic work in protecting your gums and teeth from diseases as well as reducing oral bacterial infection that may lead to other health conditions in your body.

Despite the fact that we have been brushing and flossing our teeth and gums for years and years, it is unbelievable that many of us will be surprised to learn that in one way or another, we have not been doing it right or appropriately. Well, did you know that proper brushing and flossing takes at least three minutes? Huh! Most adults (children are excused in this case because they are naïve and rely on their parents for directions) do not even come close to cleaning their teeth for that long. That being said, are you aware of proper ways of flossing your teeth?

Why Flossing is an inevitable dental care practice

After brushing, many people believe that their teeth are clean and feel fresh. However, the truth of the matter is that there are bacteria and minute food particles are stuck in spaces between your teeth and gum line. If these are not removed, there are high chances that they can cause plaque build-up that leads to tooth decay and gum diseases. Therefore, flossing is one of the surest ways to prevent recession and decay by removing plaques from the spaces between teeth. In most cases, these areas are difficult to reach, especially when you are using traditional toothbrushes; hence the need to carry our flossing on a daily basis. Inherently, there several types of floss currently available in the market (the standard ones are PTFE and nylon floss), and with the aid of your dentist, you can get the right type.

Ultimate steps for proper flossing

As stated in the previous section, flossing is a dental care that ensures that spaces between your teeth are cleaned properly. It is highly advisable that clean all spaces between your teeth, in the rear and the front part of your mouth. If you are doing flossing for the first time, then expect a little bit of bleeding. However, as you make flossing a routine, bleeding will ultimately stop and if bleeding continue even after making it a regular habit, then you need to consider visiting your dentist for further advice.

Nonetheless, the following steps need to be followed for proper flossing:

• Experts recommend that you need to start with 18 inches of floss. Wind most of the floss close to the middle finger and make sure your about one or two inches of floss to work with
• While holding the floss tautly between your index and thumb fingers, gently slide up and down between your teeth
• After that, you are required to curve the floss gently around the base area of each tooth while ensuring you go beneath the gum line. However, you are advised never to force or snap the floss to avoid bruising or cutting of delicate gum tissues
• As you move from one tooth to other, you are required to use clean sections of floss
• To remove the floss, you have an obligation to use the same forth-and-back motion to bring the floss up and even away from the teeth


Now you know how to keep your teeth ultimately clean be flossing them on a regular basis. If you had not started the practice, you better begin it today and live a healthy life free from dental problems. Visit us if you have any questions regarding home dental care advice.


Famous People Born in or Residents of Garden Grove CA

Garden Grove is an exciting city in Orange County in the state of California, United States. Throughout Garden Grove’s diverse history, many famous people have been born in the city or are residents of the city. Garden Grove, CA appeals to people of all walks of life, as is its convenient location near some amazing cities in California. Garden Grove is home to many popular and interesting celebrities who were born in or have become residents of the area in order to explore everything it has to offer. Just some of the most significant people who call Garden Grove home are video game director Chris Borders, talk-show host Wally George, singer Dexter Holland, actors Justin Chon and Steve Martin, and the dance group Poreotics.


The city of Garden Grove and its surbubs has been a source of inspiration to artists and writers over the years. Born in Garden Grove, USA, Chris Borders is the Chief Executive Officer of TikiMan Productions, a leading voice production company and is widely recognized for his contribution to the Shadows of Arm (2000), Gears of War (2006) and Mass Effect (2007). Chris has created the voice-over for a number of multimillion dollar videogames since the mid-1990s. When it comes to entertainment, other notable figures who live in Garden Grove include actor Justin Choin, talk-show host Wally George, country music singer Jeannette McCurry, actress Eunice Pringle, news reporter Vickie Nguyen and Dave Mustaine, who serves as the lead singer of the Megadeth music group.


Born in 197 in Fountain Valley CA, Amanda Louise Freed is a popular American softball player. She attended George Patton elementary and pacific high school. Later she enrolled at UCLA, where she began playing softball. Amanda was part of the United States softball team, which won gold at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. When it comes to sports, other notable figures who live or were born in Garden Grove include Real Salt Lake soccer player Luis Gil, Olympic swimmer Garry Hall, professional skateboarder Ed Templeton, and Randy Vataha, who plays professional football at Stanford.


Many politicians are also proud to call Garden Grove home, including retired Assemblymen Jim Silva and Curt Pringle, former congressman Robert Dornan and US Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.


Other notable figures include:

Steve Fossett – adventurer and aviator. Grew up in Garden Grove.
• Scott Greenall – artiste, producer and engineer.
• Michael Monsoor- Retired Navy Seal & Medal of Honor recipient
• Robert H. Schuller — popular televangelist

As you can see, a number of high profile figures in the modern world currently live in Garden Grove, CA. Many well-known people come to live or to take a vacation in the city because it is one of the most beautiful parts of the country. These famous people can be found in various parts of the city and try to enjoy everything the city and the region has to offer. Garden Grove visitors can make a memorable trip to this exciting city thanks to its convenient geographical location. This makes it an intriguing tourist destination in today’s world. Garden Grove truly produces some of the greatest people in the world and continues to attract more.

Here at Garden Grove Dentist, we are proud of the famous people and all residents that hail from our wonderful community!

Learn About Garden Grove CA

Seal Of Garden Grove

Garden Grove is situated in Orange County in the State of California. It takes less than an hour to get to the city from Los Angeles. The history of Garden Grove dates back to the year 1874 when it was established. It started as a rural community whose growth was later on spurred by the arrival of the railroad in the year 1905. Most of the farmers in the city therefore found a way to transport and sell their produce such as oranges, strawberries, walnuts and chili peppers. Of course over the years its economy has become more industrialized but remnants of the agricultural past are still visible. Currently the city has a diverse racial composition which makes it a great place to experience different cultures. Vietnamese Americans make up about 28% of the total population, the highest in any city in the United States after the neighboring Westminster. There are also blacks, Latinos and whites among other races.

Garden Grove has some interesting places to visit and exciting things to do. Some of the sites are historical and provide a trip down history for both the residents and visitors. The Christ Cathedral is one of the most iconic and famous landmarks in the city due to its creative and unique architectural designs. It became functional in the year 1981 and in 2012, it was purchased by the Roman Catholic Church Diocese of Orange County. There are available guided tours for those who would like to explore the cathedral and gaze at its amazing designs. The Stanley Ranch Museum and Historical Village is another historical gem in the city. Here you can get to learn some interesting things about the history of Garden Grove as you are taken through the artifacts and exhibits. When it comes to entertainment, the Gem Theater and Festival Amphitheater will present you with an ideal option for fun and laughter.

The Strawberry Festival is a yearly event which takes place over the Memorial Day weekend. It’s one of the biggest community festivals held in the western part of the U.S. It attracts a large number of visitors from all over the country due to its long history and numerous events that take place. The festival began in 1958 as a way of celebrating the city’s past agricultural life. There are several interesting things that take place during the festival such as carnival rides, the cutting of a very large strawberry cake and cultural parades among others. At this time of the year, the city basically becomes awash with people and the excitement that fills the atmosphere makes the festival an event to attend.

The city has a mix of races and therefore a large variety of traditional cuisines. There are restaurants that serve great food such as Thai and Peruvian cuisine. You can sample the Asian and South American delicacies that are well prepared by the natives. It’s always nice to try something new and experience different cultures. Garden Grove City is certainly an ideal place for that due to its diverse population.

Garden Grove Dentist is proud to be a part of the Garden Grove community that we serve.